Jewels in The Shadows

Hello dear friends,

Its been a while since I have shared anything. Winter has brought me inward and beckoned me to question what it is I really want to offer the world. I have spent this time really opening my intuitive and claresensory abilities. I have spent many mornings tuning in to energies, archetypes and spiritual beings and practicing automatic writing. As I move forward, I intend to share more of what comes through in those times as well as my experience of these messages. I attended a workshop recently that demonstrated the significance of owning my experience and it occurred to me, that this is a practice I need to incorporate in to my writing. The following is a message from the energy of the divine mother or the archetype of Mother Mary. I spend time feeling in to this energy and then I write. I hope this brings you some hope and light in your day and if so please feel free to

Jewels in the Shadows

closeup photo of purple gemstones
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My darlings of the earth, do not think you can shine your light by only looking at your shadows. Shadow work is merely a path to discovering what is underneath, what shimmering gems lurk there waiting for the light of your attention, of your energy, your focus. When we start to discover those things and we no longer feel consumed by our shadow we must then shift to the light. Focus your eyes upon what is glistening within you and realize your beauty. No shadow can withstand the power of your full light. The biggest shadow is believing your radiance, as it is, fully embodied within you, is not enough. Not enough to minimize the fear, to disarm our hungry ego monsters and not enough to create beauty in this world. One candle can change a dark room, one moon can illuminate a night walk, one sun can ignite the earth. What would believing in your light change in you?

How would knowing that in your light and the light of all that is divine (and the divine in all), any task could be accomplished, any shadow wound healed, and any soul desire manifested, change you?

If you really believed this, wouldn’t everything be different? Wouldn’t your steps in this world be light and joyful? Wouldn’t you sing more than you speak? Wouldn’t you play more than you work (or play for work)? Wouldn’t you create more than you fix? Wouldn’t you evolve more than you problem solve? Think of this today whether you are in a dark forest of shadows or you have briefly misplaced your jewels of light somewhere in your busy mind. Remember this when you try to tweak and alter yourself to a higher standard. Your light and the collective joy is of the highest accord and always there, waiting for you.

white stone


When I finished writing this, I felt inspired. Although my mind toys with these ideas, embodying them fully has been its own challenge and may be work for a lifetime. I may watch this trust and love and surrender unfold unto my dying breath but I hope that there can be many leaps towards this feeling. I believe I can live this more fully with greater strength than I have previously in my life. Recently, I dreamt that I was sifting through a box filled with dirt and sand and under that was a barrier, under the barrier precious gems awaited me. It was only when I sat to write this blog that I realized it was exactly as the message said even though they occurred weeks apart. This gives me hope that I am getting closer to feeling more of my own inner light and living from it.

For me, this looks like putting myself out there and sharing the messages that I most want to share. This looks like trusting that any temporary discomfort that I experience is actually just a by-product of soul growth and not a new normal state of being. These words came through at a time where I was obsessing about clean-eating in such a way that I was not in a space of clean thoughts. How could I fully enjoy life if I looked at all food as something needing to be judge and that choosing wrong would lead to malady? This way of thinking crept in to other areas. I was afraid of acting out of alignment and wanted to keep a tight disciplined way of being to make sure I wasn’t in my shadow. I did not realize the strain I was putting on myself for perfection or that the fear and the obsession was more my shadow than eating sugar or skipping meditation could ever be.

I am by no means suggesting that I gave up all discipline and believe that eating healthy is the problem but I realized that I needed to be certain of what I was a disciple to. Was it to rules, diets, dogma, internet articles, opinions? Or could I be a disciple to my inner goodness, my light, my joy, my spiritual connectedness? And the actions that align with that are, well, ever changing and evolving.

I should note that although there was a short time of just eating treats and not doing some of my work, eventually my body, my soul, my heart craved what matches its’ loving frequency. It desires what is good for it but it is far less rigid and infinitely more fun way of approaching things.

And in this shift, I was able to see what I really want to offer the world. I want to work in groups and with individuals to bring them messages from deep within their soul, I want to help people to expand their possibility and bring an astounding amount of magic in to their lives. I want to help people let go of perfection and embrace their creative uniqueness while also linking them to a wider web of spiritual connectivity. I will do this in my own unique way by customizing for each group and individual. On my website and under Magic Counsel you will find my detailed offering. And soon more group offerings will be available. Please contact me if your interested. A consultation is free and you get to decide if the sessions are right for you.

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