Paying homage to myth and fairy tale, Awaking Beauty is a place to bring consciousness to our dreams and desires, letting them come to life. Through group classes, online education, virtual gatherings and intuitive consultations Awaking Beauty calls to the dreamer in all of us to create the life we desire by sharing our own unique gifts of true self.

Avery Lilley is an intuitive inspiration teacher focusing on creativity, deep connectedness and awakening the beauty in others and the world. Her offerings are aimed at reconnecting individuals to their own inner guidance and soul purpose.

Through various techniques, including: inspired movement, guided meditations, focused journey work, spoken word, and writing, Avery encourages and guides open-hearted participants to reach new levels of personal wellbeing.

Avery holds a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness education, a yoga teacher certification, a quantum reiki healer certification, and has completed many trainings and courses in the areas of intuitive healing, manifesting, and women’s wellness/empowerment. In addition to those, she has done much self-study and practice in various traditional and modern healing modalities, including: ancestral food, law of attraction, affirmation work, and pranayama (breathwork). Most recently she completed a one on one training with a distinguished Shamanic Therapist and ancestral food healer.

Avery believes in caring for the body as a temple and as a direct connection to the soul and shares many practices for doing so, in her classes and consultations. In her personal life, Avery enjoys time in nature and sees teaching and connecting with like minded individuals as a soul medicine. Her favorite activity is to have tea with loved ones and to tap in to the magic of the seen and unseen in the world around her.

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