Intuitive Consultations: Awaken Your Inner Knowing and Tap in to Your Deep Soul Desires

These consultations are centered around diving deep in to your desires to look for messages on how to manifest and create beauty in your life. The focus is on working with aspects of you that are nourishing, enchanting and empowering and that also bring joy in to the world. Each session will be tailored to fit the individuals needs and will include a guided meditation, card reading and focused discussion to help remove blocks to intuition, creativity and personal growth. Practices and affirmations are created to enhance the healing and usefulness for the client.

If you are feeling stuck in ways that no longer serve you, or weighed down by the world these consultations are for you!

If you are looking to add more magic and creativity to your life then book a session today!

If you are working through a difficult time and are looking for ways to bring some light and ease to your day to day then reach out and set up your consult!

All consultations are distance consultations via skype or zoom

A one hour session is $75

A one and half hour session is $110

To sign up email

Sessions must be paid for in advance


One hour consultation

1 hour intuitive consultation with Avery





One and a half hour consultation

1.5 hour intuitive consultation with Avery


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