Intuitive Guidance and Healing

Spirit Unfolding Sessions 

Are You Craving More Magic In Your Life?

Do you feel stuck, desire a deeper connection with your purpose, or have a deep sense that there is something more calling to you?

My own journey began in a corporate job living the life I had always expected but desiring more. I began to work with many different spirituality’s and disciplines, gathering wisdom along the way but it eventually led me to discovering my own intuitive magic that allows me to live joyfully, intentionally and abundantly.

I understand what it is to yearn for something you don’t know is possible and I know ways to move through that and experience the creative potential of your life.





Tap in to the well of intuitive inspiration within you and bring it to the forefront of your life in the Spirit Unfolding sessions.

We’ll work intuitively with your needs and deepest desires to call forward the beauty and magic within. These sessions realign you with your spiritual connection and help you to find clarity on your path.
You’ll come away with a new way of looking at your current reality, a potent and personal intuited message, and the steps to activate that energy in your life.

The sessions come in monthly packages and are intended for those who are ready for lasting change. The magic continues to “unfold’ as we journey together and every session will be unique to you!

Your Spirit Unfolding package will include:

  • Two 1:30 hour skype sessions
  • Sacred Symbology assessment
  • Oracle Card Divination
  • A Mystical Meditation
  • Energetic Attunement
  • Personal Story Upgrade
  •  A channeled message
  • Manifestation Action Plan


Work with someone who:

  • Has multidisciplinary background of a wellness education bachelors degree , hatha yoga teacher certification and quantum reiki master certification
  • Incorporates myth, magic, intuition, manifestation, reiki energy and channeling into sessions
  • Works with symbols and synchronicities in both dreams and waking life to weave spiritual meaning in to the mundane world
  • Uses her variety of skills to create custom plans of alignment and integration for clients
  • Provides a free “Behind the Veil Discovery Call” in order to asses needs, and create a plan with the client
  • Channels specific written messages for the client before they even get on the call! So all your time goes to incorporating these messages!
  • Comes from a place of loving compassion for wherever someone is on their journey by removing judgement or fear based tactics

Feel aligned, understood, purposeful and like your dreams are manifesting in to being as you play and create your life.

After these sessions, you can expect to start flowing with more ease in your life, feel motivated towards your deeper desires, and allow life to happen for you not to you!

Choose one of three packages:

A peak behind the veil: 3 Sessions- Begin to see lasting change and enjoy life with more ease.

Do you believe in Magic: 6 Sessions- Discover how different life can truly be by diving in. You will be dazzled at the world around you.

Journey to a world of possibilities: 12 Sessions- Truly experience life altering change, this is a huge energetic shift and commitment  that will leave you in awe of who you have become and how you can show up in the world.

*If you prefer shorter sessions we can accommodate this

Scheduling will be based on what works for both parties and can change


Spirit based sliding scale… I offer a meditation at the end of the discovery call to feel what price is spiritually aligned! This allows for all price ranges to feel they have access to this work as well as work with money on the intuitive and energetic level (but for those who want at suggestion, the typical range is $90-$150 for each hour and a half session)

To sign up for your free Behind the Veil Discovery Session email or Text 210-364-2285

Distance Reiki Healing

If you are looking for just the energetic attunement and healing energy then the distance Reiki will be great for you! These are one hour sessions 45 minutes of Reiki energy and 15 of feedback and discussion.

Price: $70

Mini Intuitive Card Reading

Just want some quick guidance these 25 minute 3 card spreads are just the thing! You can choose between Oracle or Tarot cards

Price: $30